Charles D. Leonard, CIH

dba ASLAN Group LLC, Leonard Associates

Principal Areas of Expertise:

GHS-Compliant Safety Data Sheets and data sheet conversion for chemical manufacturers and formulators. The OSHA deadlines have passed. See the Safety Data Sheets link.

Industrial Hygiene exposure assessments including asbestos, lead, crystalline silica and hazardous dust, microbial assessments, organic chemicals, noise and ventilation surveys, PPE assessments, OSHA Lab Standard.  Asbestos Project Designer. OSHA Hazard Communication, Chemical Hygiene Plans, radiation safety audits and NORM survey. See the Industrial Hygiene link.

Quality Assurance & Process Control: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17025 and NELAC environmental lab quality systems consulting and internal audits. Multivariate process control and process improvement using multivariate DOE. See the Process link.

Building Science:LEED Green Building and ventilation system assessments. Chinese drywall assessments. Water infiltration and microbial growth. Energy efficiency assessments. See the Old Houses link.

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