CIH Free Certification Maintenance (CM) point opportunities

CM Points

The ABIH CM Point database is no longer available online as ABIH has been absorbed by BGC.

The same course may be claimed only one time per CM cycle. An initial training course and then later, a refresher training course are counted as two different courses.  1 hour = 0.167 point.  Each cycle we need 10 pts IH and 0.33 pts Ethics.

CM Point Opportunities

Provider Activity CM Points CM# Reference
3M/ E-A-R Hearing Conservation 1.0 07-2562
US-EPA APTI EPA Air Training Courses Varies
American Ladder Institute Ladder Safety
FEMA Incident Command and Emergency Planning Varies
USF-Health Hazwoper 8-hr Refresher $39 1.34 11-588
Government Ethics Ethics Training for Federal Government 0.17 11-3194 Ethics
Louisiana Ethics Admin LA Ethics Training 0.17 10-2874 Ethics
CDC/ NIOSH CDC Website with partners and a link to the next one.
CDC/ NIOSH CDC Train - Public Health Learning Connection
Eurofins/ EMLab P&K IAQ Webinars 0.50 10-3640
ProAct Safety Can Behavior-Based Safety Transform a Safety Culture? 0.17 11-3952 Safety
OHS Online Various Topics 0.17
OSHA Training Materials Various Topics Varies
University of North Carolina Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility Seminar Series (varies) 0.25 09-4084, 10-714
TestAmerica Ask the Expert Series 0.17
AIHA Synergist Vendor Sponsored webinars 0.17
National Library of Medicine Disaster Training and other resources 0.17

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